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Zola 7’s leaked video has fans talking

Whether this latest video of Zola 7 was posted out of malicious intentions or not, fans are still worried about the Kwaito legend. Firstly, last year an image of Zola 7 went viral where he did not look like his usual self. Now a video of Zola, has sparked concerns and outrage from fans who want his circle checked.

It’s no secret that Zola 7 is battling an illness called Epilepsy, but his team always reassures fans that he is doing well and taking his medication.

But worry and panic ensued when music executive Nota Baloyi alleged that he is not doing well at all, and that he is failing to take care of his 7 kids.

“Their mother’s are taking care of them. He can’t even take care of himself. Lance will take care of them as he always has!” claimed Nota.

Zola’s team told TshisaLive that Nota was speaking rubbish and that he is fine, “All those things he said are utter rubbish. He’s just trying to create hype over nothing,” said his PA. “The truth is Bonginkosi is fine. He’s got epilepsy. He is taking chronic medication for it.”

Now, a video of Zola had people questioning the intent behind it, and some thought the person who posted it had malicious intentions or to either mock Zola.

The worries rose to the point where people wanted to actually donate money to Zola’s account to help fund his medication.

This is one of the many times his team had to rubbish claims that Zola is not doing well. The other time was when it was alleged that a movement had been started by his “friend” Zola Hashatsi but they distanced themselves from that.

“Z7 Media and Guluva Records herby distance themselves from this foundation. We have no knowledge whatsoever regarding the business of this foundation and we wish to further state that this foundation was established without knowledge of Bonginkosi Dlamini (Zola 7) or any of his staff,” the statement read.

“We, therefore, urge all South Africans and co-operates to not donate resources to this foundation. Bonginkosi and his staff would like to express disappointment at such a campaign and initiative as it borders on disrespect for him and using his brand for personal gains,” the statement continued.

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