Zodwa Wabantu


Zodwa says she was raised by her late grandmother, Maureen Ndaba (68), who was laid to rest last Saturday and when Zodwa spoke to Move! she was in Joburg for funeral arrangements.


She is known as a provocative dancer with no underwear, and her moves drive men crazy.

Zodwa Wabantu, whose real name is Zodwa Libram (32), was born in Dlamini, Soweto and later relocated to Rockville.She left her home when she was 16 and started hustling and living with a friend for a while.


She says that she started working at a now defunct nightclub called The Rock where she was a bar lady.

After she failed matric, she studied for a six-month call centre course.

“I was trying to hustle for myself and I tried to make a better life for myself. After working as a bar lady, I felt that I needed a better job. Since I failed my matric, I studied for a call centre course and I managed to get a job at a call centre,” she says.


Zodwa says that she went to Durban through her job and that’s where she started her own business of leasing flats, and she rented them out to students.

“I then became a regular at Eyadini hangout spot because of my love for good music and dance. I am now part of the Eyadini family. I don’t depend on a man financially, but I’m pushing for a better life for myself and my 11-year-old son, Vuyo,” she says.

Zodwa says that she is proud of her body and she does not like putting on underwear as she feels comfortable in her own body.

“My boyfriend knows that I don’t sleep around. When I’m dancing, I embrace my body and men appreciate my moves. But I am not there to sleep with them,” she says.

Zodwa, who was recently roped in as an ambassador for an energy drink, says that her mission is to get into the world of acting and TV presenting as she wants to build a career in the industry.

“I am a hard worker and I know that I am destined for greater things. I want to push the boundaries to get on TV screens and entertain people,” she says.

Zodwa says that she wore that black number at the Durban July with pride and confidence.

“I am not looking for fame and for me to wear my black dress showing my assets was an act of embracing my freedom. I went to the Durban July to work and I didn’t go there for publicity or to pose for pictures. Eyadini had a marquee and I had to look after our clients,” she says.

Although Zodwa says women should not be ashamed of their bodies, she lashes out at those who strip naked when they get drunk.

“Women should know their worth and not act desperate. Some women are ashamed of their bodies and only feel comfortable when the lights are off,” she says.

Zodwa disputes claims that she was kicked out of Eyadini.

“How can I be kicked out of the place I work at? People peddle lies and I am not bothered.

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