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Video: Men scramble to touch Zodwa Wabantu’s cookie

Many do not know what it is with Zodwas privates but every time she performs men scramble just to touch it. Some have gone to the extent of k!ssing it just to show they appreciate her. Ever since she started performing men all over Mzansi try to get a peak or get hold of Zodwa’s cookie.

Another video of men surrounding Zodwa and scrambling to touch her down under is circulating on social media. In the video,in men are trying by all means to get an opportunity to squeeze their fingers between Zodwa’s legs. Zodwa knows what is going on so she opens her legs and goes around the men so that they can have a look and become even more interested in touching.

Owners of clubs and bars know that Zodwa is a crowd puller and men will come in numbers once they know the dancer will be at the joint. She is popularly known for showing men the goods and from the videos, she is surely delivering.

Zodwa’s down under must be something else. Just a few days back Thabo admitted to having s.e.x with Zodwa. The smile on his face, while he was admitting, said a thousand words and some of them show pure satisfaction. Since then Zodwa has been up and down explaining her experience with Thabo on camera. She also begged Thabo for another encounter.

Many women judge Zodwa and some have gone to the extents of involving Zodwa’s son in their judgments. Whilst all is being said men are busy scrambling to hold her thing and bagging more money from that. It just shows how men think and what they want more than a lot of things. The courage to be recorded doing such shows that some people do not care about what other people think or say as long as they are satisfied.


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