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Uzalo actress Zama Magubane (Madongwe’s) real age shocks Mzansi

Have you noticed that most South African actors and actresses look way older than their real age? I got shocked when I discovered Madongwe’s real age and date of birth. Stay tuned for her real age and date of birth.Zama Magubane1

Most of you know this actress as Madongwe from Uzalo, she plays Lily’s mother. Madongwe’s real name is Zama Magubane. Did you know that she is a married woman? Yes, she’s married to Mr. Msibi and they have 3 children together. How old do you think she is?Zama Magubane0

Zama Magubane was born in 1983, she is 38 years old. Now look at her pictures from Uzalo and compare them to pictures of her real life, which one looks younger? I think her real-life photos make her look younger than she does on Uzalo.


After videos of a visibly intoxicated Zahara went viral, her image got tainted just a tad bit with people forgetting the immense talent she has.  YouTuber Sol Phenduka took to Twitter to express how Zahara is not celebrated enough in the industry. “Zahara is not celebrated enough. Her numbers are insane. I’m tweeting from her house and she has awards all over the. Learn more

In other news – Well-known man who allegedly leaked audio of Mohale exposing ‘abusive’ Somizi finally breaks his silence

Seasoned TV producer, Legend Manqele, has distanced himself from leaking the viral recording in which Mohale Motaung-Mhlongo is heard revealing shocking details of his relationship with his estranged husband, media personality, Somizi Mhlongo-Motaung.

Legend Manqele, Somizi, Mohale

Legend tells the publication that he had nothing to do with the recording being leaked, saying: “I have no idea who would do something like thisLearn more

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