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Zahara-i felt like an outcast as a child.

Singing sensation Zahara has taken a trip down memory lane to reflect on the painful memories she has of being called ugly as a child.

The singer who has over the past two years been on mission to get fit, and has totally transformed her image, said that she felt like an “outcast” as a child.zahara

“I was made fun of for my crooked teeth and they told me my voice was too big, ‘bathi ndingu Nongayindoda (I was too masculine),” she said.

Zahara added that some of the things that was said to her was hard to forget. She said that she felt like an outcast and lacked confidence.

The good thing is that Zahara’s hard work over the past two years is finally paying off.

“I take care of myself now and the way I look is important to me. I work out more, I eat well and I take care of my image,” she added.

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