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Wicknell Chivayo and his new wife in Pictures – He Paid $50 000 Lobola

Harare – Wicknell Chivayo and his new wife in Pictures – He Paid $50 000 Lobola… He is not a cheap man and so he pays more for his bride and here is the proof… He shared this H-Metro headline on his Instagram… He was happy about the headline…

He said: “I’m so happy to see such headlines….It was all a dream and i thank GOD for this blessing…..💞 There are plenty of good men and good women around but unfortunately most people are exhausted by the pain they’ve experienced or seen in retrospect so they can’t recognize when they are looking at the right one. Don’t give up and always remember love your spouse more than you love your career, hobbies and money because all this stuff can’t love you back….”

“As much as Saturday was the best day of my life , don’t forget NEWSPAPERS will always exaggerate things and try make them more interesting. As a matter of principle and under no pressure whatsoever i did pay hard cash in dollars but not that outrageous amount. I did say i wished it wouldn’t be less than 50 thousand but i can confirm it was far less than that . I’m grateful to God my inlaws are successful , educated and very reasonable people . They understand and appreciate that marriage is simply bringing two families together and not a commercial transaction…GOD IS GREAT……” he added…


Wicknell Pays $50000 Lobola


Anyways Congrats to the Zimbabwean Businessman and here are a few pictures of him and his new wife…


Wicknell and new wife


He had more to say… He promised they will be together till the end… “TILL DEATH DO US APART………A good woman is the greatest thing a man can have in his life……… GLORY BE TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST…. Thanks to you my INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS , your criticism and comments always give me strength to make good decisions like this. My roora function was the best in history (credit to my amazing IN-LAWS and BRAND NEW WIFE ) This is why i chose the PETER HOUSE and UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH class , with my UNIT M SEKE background where and how would i have ever planned this ???…I hope to invite you all of you to my BIG WEDDING soon…..WE GIVE THANKS AND PRAISE…….” He said.


Wicknell and new wife


They look good together i gotta say…

Source: Instagram – ZGossip

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