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Why does my VAG!NA make embarrassing sounds during s-e-x

Q. I’m embarrassed when we make love because of the sound that comes from my v@gina. I feel like my v@gina is too big for him. What must I do because he says I’m cheating on him.

A. During arousal, normal physical changes happen – there is swelling of the labia and the vagina typically shortens, with a bulging of the deep vagina – also known as “tenting” – and a narrowing of the external v@gina.

This creates conditions in which air can get trapped within and then be forced out during penetrat!on.

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During s-e-x, the thrusting of the penis or s-e-x toy into the vagina may cause a build-up of air pressure.

When this trapped air escapes around the pen!s or toy, it creates a noise that can sound like the v@ginal walls slapping together.

These sound effects are not uncommon, and can occur at the peak of arousal and enjoyment, but sometimes they lead to embarrassment.


• Try changing position with the penis still in the v@gina to decrease air entry.

• Decrease the degree to which the p-e-n!s is removed and reinserted during thrusting.

• The volume of the sound caused by escaping air will probably be much lower if the p-e-nis is inserted slowly, because this allows the air to exit more slowly.

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