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Use of Muthi shocks CAMPS Bay


Municipal law enforcement spokesman Wayne Dyason told Daily Sun: “Officers came across the rather distressing sight of a goat standing among the rocks on the beach with a knife firmly implanted in its back.

CAMPS Bay is known for its beautiful beach, white sand and fancy restaurants. But on Sunday morning, residents of the upmarket Cape Town suburb were horrified when they spotted a black goat with a knife wrapped in a red cloth sticking out of its back.

“They immediately called the SPCA, who rescued the animal, which had lost a lot of blood. It’s suspected it had been involved in some type of ritual, but managed to escape.”Stellenbosch sangoma Daliwe Mehlonkomo said it was common for black goats to be used in rituals.

Black Goat

“I’m sure this goat was used to wash away bad luck. When a person wants to do this ritual, they usually use black chickens or goats,” he said. “With the help of a sangoma, the bad luck is removed from a person or family and redirected to the goat. They mostly don’t kill the animal, but dump it on a mountain afterwards.”

Pastor Julius Kanembe (45) from Jesus for All Church in Maitland said dark forces were at work. “There is no blessing that comes from the blood of an animal because Jesus died for us on the cross already,” he said.

Yesterday, An SPCA inspector said the goat was recovering well.

Source: Daily Sun

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