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UPDATE: Zambia shuts down social media platforms

All the popular social media sites in Zambia have become inaccessible today as millions of voters turned up to vote.

Facebook which is the most popular social media platform in Zambia was down just after lunch hour followed by Twitter and WhatsApp.

Only Signal is available via Virtual Private Network.

Many users of the social media platforms have been left shocked with the sudden shut down of social media at a time when information sharing was most critical.

At the time of publishing, both ZICTA and the Zambian government could not be contacted for a comment.

Huge lines have been formed in several parts of the country in an election which is expected to record the highest number of voter turnout.

In Other News – Video: Prophet Joshua Iginla’s prophesy on August 12 Zambian elections

Nigerian preacher Joshua Iginla says no one can bend the will of God in Zambia’s August 12 general election.

In his latest message, Prophet Iginla reminded the PF that no matter what they will do against the will of the people, it will not work. “Let the will of the people reflect in. Learn more

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