Trump Openly Admires French First Lady, Macron’s Body


President Donald Trump got an eyeful of French President Emmanuel Macron’s wife and, in the most awkward way possible … made it clear he liked what he saw.

Trump, with Melania at his side, greeted Brigitte Macron Thursday in Paris — and in the video  POTUS was overheard saying, “You’re in such good shape. Beautiful.”

The issue … he was looking right at her at the time. Madame Macron seemed to squirm a bit as she moved closer to Melania during the exchange.

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The French First Lady’s age has been a hot topic over there — she’s 64, while her husband is 39 — so, it’s possible Trump was attempting to deliver a compliment.

Brigitte Macron But we gotta hand it to her…Brigitte is in pretty good shape.

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