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Trevor Gumbi explains how he started to be a comedian

Trevor Gumbi went from living an ordinary life of moving from one job to another, to being a sought-after comedian, who accidentally stumbled into the industry.

In an interview on Cliff Central, the comedian explained how, after a long string of various jobs his career was kick-started by a “drunk mistake”.

Trevor Gumbi

The comedian said the host became his manager and helped book gigs for him, and he’s never looked back since. The comedy led to people noticing him and he started bagging commercials.

Trevor has since cemented his presence in the industry by branching out into presenting, acting and producing his own shows, but he maintains he’ll always love comedy.

“It happened ultimately by mistake. We were drunk in Melville and we were passing Cool Runnings and one of the friends said ‘Ey, Trevor you are a funny guy, there’s comedy here let’s go do it’. Drunk me was like ‘okay fine let’s try it out’. I got on stage and did a few minutes and afterwards the host said to me, ‘you have something, give me a call’ and I did on Monday.”

He recently announced his upcoming Trevor Gumbi: The Divorce Tour, which is based on his recent real-life divorce experience.

The announcement raised a few eyebrows as people expressed their reservations about his concept. The comedian told TshisaLIVE that he decided to do the comedy tour to start much-needed conversations about divorce.

“I’m speaking about my divorce as a love story. A process in which love is lost and love is found.”

The Divorce Tour will start at Silverstar Casino on November 4.

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