Transgender steals money for operation

A Thai transgender woman is facing possible jail time after being bust for stealing from a Russian tourist.

According to Coconuts Bangkok, Sakda Nuchwong (26), locally known as “Noey of Walking Street”, is from the southern Thai town of Pattaya.


While the unnamed Russian tourist was in the bathroom, Sakda and her friend noticed the safe in the hotel room was open. They grabbed a thick gold necklace and cash to the value of about R1 630. Then they said goodbye to the Russian and left.

It was only the next morning that the hung over tourist noticed he’d been robbed and reported the theft to the cops.

She is a transgender woman, which means she was born with a 4-5 but wants to have an operation to remove it so that she can become a woman. This operation is called a sex change, or s.e.x reassignment surgery.

On the night of 10 October, Sakda and an unnamed friend reportedly hooked up with a drunk Russian tourist on the famously sleazy “Walking Street”. They walked him back to his hotel and went up with him to his room.
Thanks to CCTV footage, cops tracked down Sakda, said the report. Her accomplice is still on the run.

Sakda confessed to the crime. She said she stole the cash and jewellery because she’s desperately saving for her s.e.x change operation.

Sakda is yet to appear in court, but she could face five years in jail or a maximum fine of THB 10 000 (about R4 100).

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