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No one knew where the food was going, until the 13-year-old boy one day started screaming that tokoloshes were trying to open the fridge!

AT FIRST the family noticed the groceries meant to last the month were finished after only two weeks.

According to members of the Durban family, tokoloshes have been stealing their food and money since last year.

The 32-year-old mum said the tokoloshes started terrorising them in September and they need a strong inyanga to get rid of them. They have tried other sangomas without success.

“One day in January, we were sitting in the kitchen when my son told us a group of tokoloshes was trying to open the fridge.

“We didn’t see anything but the fridge was shaking,” said the mum.

“My son screamed until he fainted and my sister advised me to take him to a sangoma, who confirmed he was seeing tokoloshes.”

She said her son often started screaming and when it happened, everyone felt an intense heat.

Another family member (30), said a sangoma told them the tokoloshes haunting their house hated boys, which was why they were terrorising the 13-year-old.

“He is failing at school and has never failed before. We need a strong inyanga to live a normal life again.”

KZN Traditional Healers’ Association chairman Thandonjani Hlongwane said tokoloshes are usually only seen by children.

“Usually children of about five see them, but in some instances older kids can when they have not yet reached puberty. They need a strong inyanga.”

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