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Tito Mboweni Defence Cyril Ramaphosa: Says He Isn’t A Woman Basher

Mboweni posted on Facebook: “I warned in May that this ANC Leadership thing is going to get nasty. Smear campaigns will destroy this organization. I do not believe for a moment that my brother and comrade has ever‚ ever‚ raised his hand against his wife. Ever‚ never.”

A former wife of Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa and former cabinet minister Tito Mboweni have jumped to his defence to speak out against a claim that he is a woman beater.

On Wednesday EyeWitnessNews quoted an ex-wife of the deputy president‚ Hope Ramaphosa‚ as saying he never laid a hand on her during their relationship.

“I lived with him‚ and had opportunity to make him angry many times‚ but never ever did Cyril lift a finger‚” Hope Ramaphosa told the radio station.

Endorsing him to become the next president of the ANC and South Africa‚ Hope Ramaphosa told EWN: “Cyril would rather negotiate or do things amicably than beat them up. I was his wife and girlfriend for a very long time‚ Cyril would not beat up a woman. He is very sensitive to women’s issues.”

A tweet by Andile Ramaphosa‚ believed to be an account belonging to the presidential contender’s son‚ also took umbrage at the comment made during an interview with Capricorn FM on Monday evening by EFF leader Julius Malema.

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