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Thobile Khambule Said her Lover Dumped her by writing a Letter and Leaving it on The bed


WHEN Thobile Khambule met the taximan she thought she had found the love of her life.

When he told her he slept in the taxi, the kind woman took him in, and even bought him a new cellphone as well as pants, shirts and shoes.

But now her love nest is empty because he has fled to KZN to be with his wife and kids

heart broken 1

Thobile said all she’s left with is a goodbye note. She said she had been lonely for a long time when she met the taxi driver on her way to work in May.

But their whirlwind romance came to an end when Thobile was dumped via a note he left in her room while she was at work on Thursday.

Thobile, from Alexandra, north of Joburg, said she felt sorry for the taximan when told her he slept in the taxi or the taxi owner’s kitchen.

“I asked him to move in with me in my rented room, but he left without even saying goodbye. He was my everything.”She said she sensed something was wrong when she got home from work on Thursday.

Heart broken

“I checked my wardrobe but his clothes were gone. Then I found the letter under a blanket on the bed.“He said he had gone back to his wife in KZN.”He’s changed his number four times since we met.

“Now his phone is always off,” she said.He left me with debt, a broken heart and a letter that will always cause fresh tears to roll from my eyes.”