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The lady in the yellow dress #Skolopad promises to put on clothes if Zuma steps down


She has been a celebrity for little over two months but the lady in the yellow dress has already offered to use her star power in the fight for President Zuma’s future.

Skolopad, or “the lady in the yellow dress” as she is known, watched with many as ratings agency Standard and Poor’s downgraded South Africa to junk status.skolopad2

The decision led to renewed calls for Zuma to step down as president.But instead of ranting about it online or signing up for a protest, Skolopad took off her clothes and declared she would only get dressed once Zuma left office.Skolopad’s nudity made headlines in February when she hit the red carpet at the Metro FM Music Awards wearing little more than a yellow sheet.

Skolopad said that nudity was not a big issue for her and that she often got her teenage daughter to take pictures of her half-naked.