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The ANC Guards Weapons Tested For Links To Crimes


Police spokesman Brigadier Jay Naiker confirmed on Friday that officers were taking the video‚ which went viral‚ “very seriously”. The video surfaced on Thursday. In 19-second clip the men are brandishing two pistols and what is probably a semi-automatic replica of an AK-47 assault rifle.


KwaZulu-Natal police have seized the three firearms brandished in a video by two ANC-assigned bodyguards and will send them for ballistics testing to see whether they have been used in any crimes.

The two men‚ who work for a private security company – the name of which is not yet known – are the security guards for ANC eThekwini region secretary Bheki Ntuli.

In the video‚ one man says: “It’s coming down for the dog today. The dog will die. Bitch. Arsehole.”

The second man responds: “Eksê‚ it’s going down … it’s gonna go down for real today. How’s this now?” He then pulls out and cocks his rifle.

Naiker said on Friday that police had launched a full investigation.

“The security company concerned is co-operating with us. We have seized three firearms at this stage. We will be also consulting the National Prosecuting Authority with regards to the formulation of charges and any other action that can be taken against the individuals concerned‚” he said.

Naicker linked the act of bravado to similar scenes in Umlazi‚ south of Durban‚ were gunshots were fired into the air as a salute to slain to gangster Mondlikayise “Chillies” Bhengu‚ who was killed in a shootout with police last week.

“It is of great concern for us when such videos appear online‚ especially in light of recent videos of criminal firing gun salutes and spinning tyres after members of their gangs are killed in shootouts with police. We are appealing to our youth to stop idolising criminals as there are many decent role models that one can emulate. There are no Robin Hoods. Lining ones pockets with the proceeds of crime is a short-term solution.

“People are killed‚ injured and traumatised for life after being victims of crime and it is unacceptable that certain people celebrate the lives of those that cause so much harm‚” Naicker said.

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