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Teko Modise’s father wanted to take him to Khumbul’ekhaya

Teko Modise

The soccer star, who held nothing back in his memoir The Curse of Teko Modise, revealed that he became a street kid after being abandoned by his father.

However at the height of Teko’s soccer career, his father came searching for him but Teko was not having none of it.

Teko Modise

Teko Modise has opened up about how his father tried to reconcile with him through SABC 1 reality show, Khumbul’ekhaya years after Teko was kicked out at eight years old for his love of soccer.


“My dad knows where my family stays. If he wants to see me he must organise a meeting with the family. He can’t just get hold of me on television now that I am Teko Modise. These were issues that we could have solved privately.”

Teko said that after years of no communication with his father, Steven Sekgaila he got a phone call from the SABC 1 show, which reconnects family members.

In his book Teko said while his father’s intentions may have been good, he didn’t appreciate his “dodgy” approach.

Teko said he wished Steven did things differently and maybe they would have had some sort of relationship today.

“This is the guy who threw me out on the streets like I was nothing and never looked back. Now that I am famous he wants to be with me. If he did things properly and requested a meeting with me by going through the family then I would probably be friends with him to this day. It would have been nice to have a relationship with my father.”

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