Someone is using muthi to chase away my lovers now i’m s3x starved


OBED Montjane (30) used to be a player, with girlfriends coming and going through his door.

But now the once passionate man from Hillbrow, Joburg, is as meek as a lamb.

That is because whenever he gets intimate, he has visions of his lover turning into a lion, sending him running!


“The woman I’m with just turns into lion. No one can poke a lion. I see a big lion that looks as if it will harm me if I don’t stop,” said Obed.

He said he knows very well that the visions are not real but said someone is using muthi to chase away his lovers.

Obed Montjane

“The last time I poked was in December 2015.”

In March last year, Obed visited a sangoma who gave him muthi and told him to stay away from women for a year in order to be healed. “I did as I was told. My probation ended last month and I tried again but the horror is still there. I went back to the sangoma but he has since died. That’s why I desperately needs help.”

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