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Simz Ngema releases Dumi Masilela’s last single

It’s been a year since Dumi was fatally shot during a hijacking in Tembisa and 27-year-old Simphiwe Ngema at the time was forced to pick up the pieces. Actress Simphiwe Ngema recently announced in an Instagram post that she would be releasing her late husband Dumisani Masilela’s last recorded single.

Dumi Masilela

Simphiwe who has always been public about the difficulties of coming to terms with the sudden death of her newly wedded husband shared in a post that she would be dropping one of Dumi’s last recorded songs UPhushiwe on the Fresh Breakfast show on Metro FM.

Dumi masilela

“UPhushiwe drops tomorrow on the #freshbreakfast show at 6:00 am on Metro FM. Catch Simphiwe Ngema’s live interview,” she captioned the cover picture of the single on Tuesday.

Dumi Masilela

Captioned: UPhushiwe drops tomorrow on the #freshbreakfast show at 6:00 am on metro fm. Catch Simphiwe Ngema’s live interview. #UPhushiwe #eternalcrush

There was a sweet message from one of Simz Ngema’s followers on Instagram that we could not just ignore, check the message here: If I ever experience at least half the love this proves, or cross paths with at least half a soul as pure and adamant of love as you are, my life, my whole entire life would not have been in vain. We most of the time just read about love like this in novels and see it in movies, but none of us ever experience it for ourselves. This, I believe is what we live for. What we are here for. To experience love that goes beyond time and distance and you have it and it’s so beautiful to watch. You out here making sure his genius and hustle gets out to the world, what more can love ever really do? May God bless you sister! You are an amazing soul ❤🙂

Thank you loe for such a sweet message to our star. We are happy for that sweet message thank you very much.

Source: Instagram/Mzansionline

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