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Popular DJ beaten by taxi driver for paying with R200 note

NONGOMA FM presenter Sibusiso Ntuli wants Santaco to take action against a taxi driver and a taxi conductor who physically abused him in front of other passengers on Wednesday, 11 August.

Ntuli, whose face was rearranged by the two men, was rushed to hospital on the day of the incident but is now recovering at home.

He said his sin was paying with n R200 note.

“They shouted at me, telling me that where will they get change. When the altercation began, I never thought it was going to get serious but I told them I don’t have a small note,” said Sibusiso.

He said they shouted on top of their voices, saying he was showing off that he had money.

“I told them I wasn’t. This time my voice had gone up because I was angered by the fact that they were making a big deal out of a small issue,” said Sibusiso.

He said he couldn’t understand why a taxi that had been operating the whole day would be without change for R200. But I didn’t raise that point with them. I decided to keep my cool and told them they could either bring me change at work or I can come collect it the following day. That somehow angered them because the conductor started beating me. The taxi driver also stopped the taxi and came and gave his conductor a helping hand. I was beaten harshly and left on the road,” said Sibusiso.

He said he wants Santaco to intervene in a manner that will satisfy him.

“Otherwise I’ll go to the police and open a criminal case against the taxi driver and his conductor because what they did to me was uncalled for. Their punches sent me to hospital. They damaged my reputation by beating me in front of other passengers,” he said.

Santaco chairman in KZN, Sifiso Ntshangase, said: “It’s bad when our employees treat our passengers in this manner. We don’t condone it and I’m advising the victim to approach a local Santaco office and report the matter. If he’s not getting the kind of justice that he’s looking for, I urge him to report the matter to the cops and they will deal with this driver and conductor. We won’t tolerate employees who abuse our passengers, no matter the reason.”

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