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SIBUSISO has been living with snakes around his neck and body

SINCE he was six, Sibusiso has been living with snakes around his neck and body.

According to Sibusiso Ngobese from Germiston, Ekurhuleni, he heals people using the snakes.

“The snakes are my ancestors. I am a traditional healer who helps people using natural means.

“I use my snakes instead of throwing the bones.”

snake to heal

He said many people who visit him come back later with good news about his healing power.

He has allegedly turned small pieces of clothing into new women’s underwear, and pieces of paper into chewing gum.

He said all his power came to him through the huge snakes around his neck. Known to people as Fezele Odla Abawusukelayo, he said he became an inyanga in 2005.

“My father was an inyanga too, who used to heal people with snakes,” he said.

“I was afraid of them when I was a young boy but I got used to them, as I was my father’s helper.”

He said he became close to the snakes when he was at twasa.

“I am a water inyanga, so I went through twasa under water. My gobela was a river snake.

“My father blessed me with the power to heal people with snakes and muthi.”

He said he has 14 snakes at his other home in KwaZulu-Natal.

Thando Nyoka, who consulted the sangoma, said he is powerful.

“Snakes are like God and they don’t lie. I believe in Sibusiso.”

Thualani Mazibuko (27) said: “I believe he can help me with all my problems. At first I was afraid but now I trust him and the snakes.”

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