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Are women shy to talk about S.E.X?


Are women shy to talk about sex?

It’s not something taboo or strange to hear men talk about s.e.x. In fact, it’s one of the most talked about subjects within a group of guys.

But with women, it’s different. Men speak about s.e.x openly but not women, and the question why?


Are women shy to talk about s.e.x?

After speaking to four different women their answers were quite similar.Each of them is s.e.xual active, enjoy s.e.x and talk about it, But only with their closest friends.

When the women were asked as to why do they think women are shy to talk about s.e.x, two of them said, “It’s because women don’t want to be labelled as loose and a whore”.  One of the ladies said that talking about s.e.x is scary and the fourth lady said that in African culture woman are not free to talk about s.e.x.

So it seems that if women were given the platform to talk about s.e.x freely without being afraid of being labelled or being stigmatised, they would be able to talk about s.e.x freely.

Women should be given the platform and opportunity to talk freely about s.e.x.

S.e.x education is vital for both men and women.

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Source: Daily Sun

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