Shootout on Grayston Drive‚ hijackers arrested‚ bystander wounded


A bystander was shot and wounded during a shootout involving suspected hijackers on the busy Grayston Drive in Johannesburg on Wednesday afternoon‚ paramedics said.

Multiple suspects were arrested by authorities‚ according to Emerg-G-Med‚ whose paramedics were attending to the injured patients.

One person would be airlifted to hospital for treatment‚ the service said on Twitter.


City of Johannesburg MMC for public safety Michael Sun said hijackers were being pursued by the South African Police Service and Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) .

The suspects‚ he said‚ drove into oncoming traffic at Grayston Drive and crashed into two cars.

Four suspects were arrested‚ the MMC said.

Motorists in the area were stuck in gridlocked traffic as a result of the ‘cops and robbers’ encounter.

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