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Sfiso Ncwane’s wife Ayanda has shown strength after her husband’s death #thencwanesforlife

Sfiso ncwane

On December 5, 2016, Ayanda Ncwane’s life changed forever. Her husband Sfiso Ncwane died after complications arising from kidney failure. Over the past few months fans of the gospel star have watched how his wife has mourned him, praised him, remembered him and grown stronger.

Ayanda has been very vocal about losing her husband. As she was mourning her husband, she later admitted that her family was on the receiving end of massive criticism. She faced numerous reports involving alleged family feuds and rumours about money post her husband’s death, but Ayanda remained steadfast. Taking a note out of her husband’s book, she turned to God in her time of trouble.


Sfiso ncwane

“I truly forgive everyone who has said hurtful things about me and hated me for no reason or because of fabricated stories about me. If you ask God to use you as an example, he first gives you strength for it,” she said.

Ayanda ncwane


Before his death, Ayanda and Sfiso were the ultimate “cute” couple. Sfiso said his wife still twerked for him and she spoke out about how they had endured problems in their marriage, but guidance and prayer had helped.

Now, as she finds her way as a single mom, Sfiso’s strength has been passed on.

Never forgetting her husband, she is continuing with his message and in April, even attended events he was meant to perform at. She’s also continued posting updates about her life and that of her children.

In the midst of it all, she has remained humble and has thanked her fans for their loyal support.

“To everyone who has consistently shown love by means of communications here on Instagram, Tweeter and Facebook. I may never respond to you individually, but do note that when i get time at night i read your lovely comments with tears of joy running down eyes, because of the overwhelming love I get from each of you. Never think for a day, reaching out to me is in-vain or i don’t pay attention.”


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