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SEX Position of the Day

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Feel like your sex life is lacking a little pizazz these days? If so, you’re probably unimpressed with the ridiculous sex positions available online that you clearly have to be a yoga-specialist or Stretch-Armstrong to accomplish. Instead of pinching your back or throwing your neck out, how about trying some “human” sex positions?

If you’re tired of considering sex on a weeknight as “wild sex,” then you might appreciate our 30-day challenge. We’re not talking about losing weight, we’re talking about spicing up your sex life, one position at a time. We’re looking at 30 sex positions for every day of the month, including easy positions to try on your girlfriend’s “period” days!


sex tips


Not only are you trying fun new positions and getting to have sex every day, but you are bonding as a couple while you do so. If you are starting to feel distant from your lover, sex could easily be your problem – or a lack of it!

Sex feels great, especially when you’re with a partner who makes your sexual satisfaction their personal mission, but it also connects you as a couple and builds intimacy and trust. So start bonding again and have a little fun.


How long a woman’s period lasts, and whether your girl wants to have sex during this time is entirely up to her. Some women may not feel entirely in the mood while they’re on their period, while others will have a heightened sex drive during this time.

Some women report a relief of menstrual cramps post-orgasm, while others report a longer-lasting period when having sex during this time, so use your own discretion when choosing to do the deed. Here are 7 easy-to-do sex positions to try when Aunt Flo’s in town.

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