Several former employees are accusing top members of the Gupta family of Se-xual harassment.


In the latest in a series of scandals involving the Gupta family, several former employees are accusing the brothers of se-xual harassment.

An investigation by AmaBungane and Scorpio reveal Tony Gupta asked his assistant to accompany him on an overnight business trip to Cape Town.

It was her first day on the job.


The woman claims she was given nothing to eat, but was repeatedly offered a beverage to drink, which she suspects was spiked.



She says she was locked in a bedroom.

The woman claims Tony Gupta told her his PAs are expected to massage him and share a bed with him.

When the woman tried to call her husband, she was allegedly told she was not allowed to use her phone.

Another woman claims she was touched inappropriately, while another brother tried to blackmail her.

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