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Samkelo Ndlovu in a racial war with former Miss SA contestant on twitter

The gloves are off between Samkelo Ndlovu and former Miss SA contestant Iman Mkwanazi got into a heated exchange on Twitter over racism in the country.

Iman’s tweet came in the wake of the #BlackMonday protest against the increasing number of farm attacks and murders that have taken place across the country since the start of the year.


The protest sparked a strong debate on social media after some protestors were seen flying the old South African flag and sang the old version of Die Stem. Iman’s tweet did not sit well with Samkelo, who tackled it head-on.

It all started when Iman tweeted about people being outraged by racism in the country, which she believed was ironic for people living in a racist country.

“You speak so recklessly. So basically we should be complicit because it’s normal? Yes, let’s normalize racism. You lack effective rhetoric,” Samkelo told Iman.

However, Iman called out the actress for seeking “attention” on her timeline.Samkelo did not back down and continued to lash out at the Miss SA contestant, which resulted in a lengthy exchange of words between the two.

She went on to label Iman as “fake woke”.

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