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S.E.X Tips Technology Enters Your Bedroom To Spice Things Up

So it was inevitable that the app world would also move into the bedroom, where our sex lives could be spiced up with the help of a few steamy apps.

With the technological advances of today, there is practically an app for everything. From banking apps to apps that can activate your home alarm system when you are on holiday, there is no question that apps have certainly made life easier.

Believe it or not, sex apps do exist. We checked out a few to give you the verdict of what apps you should check out to bring back the spark into a stale sex life.

Tip 1   Make her org@sm

Make Her Orgasm is an app targeting women. It is no secret that most women struggle to reach orgasm, and a shocking number of women have never had an orgasm before, this despite being in stable relationships and marriages.

This app looks to solve that. Make Her Orgasm is packed with a lot of tips for men, ranging between how to speed up her orgasm, how to sense her orgasm as well as some “hot spots” that will guarantee your woman’s orgasm.

Sexy games to jump-start your bedroom fires

 Tip 2 Pleasure dice

This game can definitely help couples who struggle with foreplay. For some people, foreplay does not come as naturally as we may think, and some resort to a quick smack on the lips before going for gold.

This sensual app encourages couples to interact with each other based on what each dice roll suggests. What makes this app interesting is that it has a time limit for each suggestion, for example, kiss for 10 minutes; nibble the neck for 15 minutes; meaning that a couple can take their time to enjoy foreplay instead of rushing through it. Great app for those looking to break their partners out of the conservative shell.

Tip 3 Sextracker

As much as you rely on your car’s tracker to determine where your car is, this app can “track” your lovemaking to ensure that you do not neglect your duties in the bedroom.

It is password locked, ensuring that no one else can view your sex history, and gives you options to enter the last date you made love with your partner and some of your favourite positions that you and your partner did the last time you interacted.

This app also has a reminder that you can set up to remind you after a certain number of days (or hours, depending on your libido!) to get back on your bedroom A- game. It is great for couples with kids and responsibilities who often get too caught up in the madness and forget to have sex.

Tip 4 Kamasutra adult love

Just like the title suggests, this app offers you and your partner some interesting Kamasutra sex positions, as inspired by ancient Hindi text, for you and your partner to try. It gives you some detailed instructions on how to twist, bend and reach to keep things interesting. Ideal for couples who want to explore something different outside of ordinary and mundane positions.

Tip 5 Bangfit

This app is great for fitness nuts as it combines sex and fitness. It gives you and your partner a list of positions that burn the most calories while enjoying a sex session. It comes with the option to monitor your heart rate and determine just how many calories you burned in each lovemaking session. They do say sex is the best work-out one can get, so this app is great for couples who want to combine fitness and getting their nookie on.

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