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S.e.x is the only way we can pay our fees – University students


They go to university to get an education but some still have some tough lessons to learn.

This came out during a discussion group at the University of Joburg yesterday where the decriminalisation of s.e.x work was discussed.


Representatives from various government departments, NGOs and the private sector came together to exchange views and reach a decision.

The discussion comes after Joburg Metro police and Emergency Services said they are not sure how to deal with magoshas when they raid buildings.

Many young students fall into the hands of blessers.And the sell their bodies to pay their fees.


This led to a discussion about students who turn to blessers and prostitution to afford food, pay their rent and afford tuition fees.

Nthabiseng Ndimande, a representative from UJ’s Institutional Office for HIV/Aids, said not all students are able to afford fees or have been given bursaries.

“Some students resort to prostitution or get blessers for financial gain. It is not by choice. They are trying to make ends meet and pay the rent,” she said.

“This often leads to students being abused by blessers because of the financial power they have over them.”

She said she met a student some time ago who was getting money from her blesser. During the course of the relationship the man made her become a magosha in order to repay him.

“We ask the government to really look into this matter and when taking a decision, decide how the law will help students.”

Nthabiseng said the organisation is doing its best to ensure the safety of the students.

“We can’t tell them to stop if we can’t provide an alternative. They need the money and they will do it anyway.

“The best we can do is to empower them with knowledge about the prevention of HIV/Aids and unwanted pregnancies.”

The Institutional Office for HIV/Aids was established in 2006 and focuses mainly on student HIV and Aids programmes at the university.

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