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Robbers Caught On Camera Bitting Of A Finger For A Ring: Video Graphic

eBlockwatch founder Andre Snyman warned people to be vigilant about follow-home robberies‚ especially from shopping malls‚ after two women were held at gunpoint during the incident.

Chilling video footage captured the moment a hijacker yanked‚ then bit a ring off‚ a woman driver’s finger in broad daylight outside a security complex in Johannesburg.

The attack was captured by CCTV cameras in Bryanston at about 1.30pm on Thursday.

The footage shows how a woman‚ driving a Ranger Rover‚ and a friend‚ were robbed and hijacked outside a housing complex gate after visiting a friend.

The women told the Sandton Chronicle that: “The guard was taking some time to open the gate and the men came with guns trying to get us out the car. They robbed us of everything.”

Jewellery and other possessions that were stolen were estimated to be worth about R200‚000.Following the incident‚ Snyman warned people to be more vigilant.

He said he had noticed a new trend where robbers would have “spotters” at shopping malls to identify easy targets.

“You can see in this video they knew exactly what they wanted. They knew what she had‚” he said.

“These guys sit at shopping malls and spot you. A new trend is they monitor when a woman is buying dairy products‚ because if you buy dairy products they know she’s going straight home‚” he said.

Snyman said eBlockwatch had been working on a new project in the Bryanston area where he was hoping to identify and catch the criminals‚ but where people could also be warned if they were followed by suspicious vehicles.

“We are using the latest cellphone technology and sensors‚” he said.

Snyman said the system‚ linked to an app called BackApp‚ would monitor the movement of cars and if it appeared that a vehicle was being followed‚ it would send a warning to the client informing them about the suspicious car behind.

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