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Riky Rick prepares for a new journey after Mabala Noise resignation

Rapper Riky Rick is definitely not down and out after leaving Mabala Noise, in fact he is preparing himself for a new journey and is still a cotton eater.

The rapper caused a stir with his resignation announcement from Mabala Noise.ricky

Although there were rumours that some of Riky’s possessions were taken away following his resignation, the rapper seems to be doing just fine. He is also excited about his future and shared that he will be ascending to upper levels.

“There’s few things more beautiful than starting a new journey. Brace yourself for new levels of success but prepare yourself for new challenges that will come your way,” the rapper said.

He warned his fans against being easily distracted and encouraged them to always keep the eye on the prize.The main thing is to keep your eye on the prize. Do not get distracted. Do not drift from the people that keep you motivated. Ask for help when you need it and give help whenever you can,” he added.

The split between Riky and Mabala came shortly after the rapper indicated internal conflict with his “woke” speech at the Metro FM Music Awards in February. Even though Mabala initially denied all knowledge of Riky’s departure, they later said the rapper can go if he thats\’s what he wants.

Riky’s fans have shown massive support for his decisions and it seems like he draws his strength from them.

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