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Reiger Park Secondary School S.e.x Scandal teachers fired


Police on the-other-hand have formally started investigations of s.e.xually related charges against the principal who allegedly dropped his pants for learners and stuff members.

Gauteng MEC of Education Panyaza Lesufi, speaking in a media packed class room at Reiger Park Secondary School in Ekurhuleni, said there will be a social worker stationed at the school to manage the reports coming in from the school.

Gauteng education department has removed all the teachers and officials implicated in s.e.xually explicit videos involving a Reiger Park Secondary School principal.

Gauteng MEC


Lesufi also said the matter has been reported to the South African Council of Educators.

Law enforcement has also been called in to assist as well as the social support structures in a form of social workers have been called to intervene.

MEC Lesufi said, “We also need the victims to able to work with us, especially on the police side. We don’t only the victims to work with us we must accept as the department that the children were under our care.”

He said the matter came to his attention last week Thursday when he received an anonymous message from a parent. The message contained a series of photos and the parent requesting the department to intervene immediately.

In a bid to get more information, Lesufi said they have met with the learners and have requested them to write anonymously what they know on pieces of papers.

The videos that made the school sky rocket to the spot light were leaked last week.In some of the explicit videos the principal and stuff members at the school are seen to be engaging in s.e.xual activities in what looks like a school office.

The principal is said have been at the school for more than 15 years.

Lieutenant Colonel Niemand of the FCS in Gauteng confirmed that they are dealing with the investigation.

“No criminal charges have been formulated as yet. I can actually say that we’ve identified the teachers implicated in the s.e.xual videos.”
She said they are also trying to find the victims that are in the s.e.xual images and videos.

As soon as we get information we will open a charge of manufacturing, possession, and distributing of child pornography as well as s.e.xual charges that will arise out of the investigation.

She said that the information they have indicates that the videos were taken about three years ago.

The principal in question has since resigned, an acting principal has taken over at the school.