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Protesters open fire on motorists in service delivery demonstration

The Daspoort tunnel — a major interlinking route between Pretoria North‚ Hartebeespoort and the CBD — in Pretoria West is blocked with protesters shooting at cars overnight.

Police have started to push protesters back using rubber bullets.

Protests‚ over water‚ electricity and sanitation‚ began at 1am.

Bremmer‚ Van der Hoff‚ Deborah‚ Theo Slabbert‚ Malie and Mineral streets are blocked with burning tyres.




A truck was also set alight in Van der Hof.

The protesters are from the Gamorrah informal settlement in Pretoria West.


Unconfirmed reports stated some white residents‚ carrying guns‚ were gathering‚ saying they will protect their area.

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