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Proposal at a wedding


The surprised Maphutego Mokoena (30) couldn’t contain her excitement as Gonyonyo Gonyonyo (35), on bended knee, smiled widely, a ring in hand!

When the bride threw the bouquet in the air, she leapt forward and caught it.And as she stood with the flowers, her Prince Charming suddenly appeared . . .

Gonyonyo Gonyonyo

The other bridesmaids started ululating and clapped hands.They chanted: “Say yes, say yes!”And she did.

And as she said yes, Maphutego burst into tears of joy.“I can’t believe this! Why didn’t you tell me before?”
she said.

The excited Maphutego said she had known Gonyonyo for many years but never thought he might be interested in her.

“He’s a loving person and he’s always been very nice to me,
but what he did today was something I never expected,”
she said.

Maphutego was the maid of honour at her best friend’s wedding at Waterfront Park in Middelburg on Saturday.

She said she was looking forward to a wonderful relationship.Gonyonyo said Maphutego was a wonderful woman.“She’s a decent woman and I couldn’t wait to put the ring on her finger,” he said.