Poet Ntsiki Mazwai says she also suffered s.e.xual violence from Bricks

Using #BreakTheSilence, Mazwai tweeted: “I was also r@ped by Brickz”.

While some commended her for breaking the silence, others  questioned her motive, asking her why is she only coming out now, Mazwai said society is the only reason women don’t report rape.

Poet Ntsiki Mazwai has taken to Twitter on Friday morning to announce that she had also suffered sexual violence at the hands of kwaito star and convicted rapist, Bricks



 She tweeted: “I see all these men coming to my TL trying to make me feel like a dirty liar…it’s so deep.”

IN 2016, Poet Ntsiki Mazwai revealed on Twitter that she also had been a victim of sexual violence. She said she suffered this violence at the hands of an “industry guy”.

She tweeted then: “…And thing is….i know i said no and i know i tried very hard to push him off me…..he was just too strong…..but yeah I’m lying.

“And when that d**k has ripped inside your v@gina……..everything else doesn’t matter, the battle ends. He won. #1in3

“and i don’t know why i didn’t scream……. #1in3″.Twitter had this to say:

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