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People Are Now Tattooing Their Armpits and We’re in Pain Just Looking at It

People do some pretty painful things in the name of fashion and beauty. Whether they’re going under the knife, getting pierced, or trying out the latest chemical peel, humans like to tweak a lot of different areas of the body — but what about armpits?! Well lately, Instagram users have been taking to the social media platform to show off their underarm tattoos… and honestly, they look painful AF.

People are redefining the generally icky and sweaty body part by permanently inking it with various kinds of flowers. From black and white pieces to full color, this new Instagram trend is taking the Internet by storm, and it’s clearly not for those of us who are ticklish.

This viral trend is getting attention from tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiasts all over the world. Tattoo artist Tessa Elise, who has her own underarm tattoo, spoke to Today about the new interest in beautifying people’s armpits.


“Females shave their armpits more often, so we’re gradually getting desensitized,” she told the outlet. “It’s more tender there for guys because they don’t shave there as often.” As for Tessa, she loves the trend and enjoys giving people their armpit tats!

“It’s silly, cute and fun,” she said. “It’s a great conversation starter and people get a good laugh out of it. People are seeing others doing it and being brave about getting a tattoo in their armpit, so now everybody’s getting creative about the way they express themselves with ink on their bodies.

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