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Uganda’s Parliament heard yesterday that women were to blame for men neglecting their kids and poking prost!tutes.

According to Daily Monitor, the controversial remarks were made by several MPs during a motion to strengthen policies and legislation to protect children. Minister for Youth and Children Affairs, Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi was quoted as saying:

“From my research, the major cause of child neglect is actually failure by women to respect men. I am serious … My point is that if you want to protect a child, you must love and respect the father of the child.”

Ugandan Parliament

When challenged to back up her claim, Kiyingi said it was based on her personal experiences as a leader in the royal kingdom of Buganda.

Although other MPs added their voices of doubt to Kiyingi’s claim, MP Chris Baryomunsi backed up her view.

“There are studies that have been done that clearly show that the behaviour of female spouses chases away their spouses and this can cause disruption in the family,” he was quoted as saying.

“There is a study done by Makerere University Institute of Public Health that found that the majority of the men who are involved in prostitution are married men, the reason for this being the belligerent behaviour of their spouses.”

The Uganda Human Rights Commission has noted with concern that there is an increase of cases of dads neglecting their kids, especially those born out of “informal relationships”, said the report.

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