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Black twitter doesn’t want me alive – Lerato Kganyako


Even though the hate has become part of her daily life, Lerato definitely does not take it lying down.So it didn’t come as a surprise when she took to social media to reflect on how far she’s come and trolls poked holes in her story.

Being attacked by Twitter trolls has become second nature for Lerato Kganyago, who have grown to expect the hate no matter what she does.

Lerato Kganyago

Lerato shared a picture of herself in front of a Toyota Cressida, which reminded her of the car she drove when she was first starting out.

Lerato explained how some people who are peers looked down on her when she would drive the car to auditions.

Within minutes Lerato’s timeline was filled with a mix of comments, with some trolls telling her she was lucky to even have a car.

Clearly annoyed, Lerato explained that the car she got was a product of her hard work as opposed to it being handed to her.

“Yeah, after two years of working for two different airlines with no car, using taxis. What would you have liked me to start with ma’am! Please guide me?” Lerato replied.

The radio presenter said that after over a decade in the industry, she learnt to ignore all the “unwarranted” hate she got. Lerato said she didn’t care about the hate as long as she knows she’s been true to herself.

Lerato, who was evidently determined to show trolls that she wouldn’t be censored from telling her story, shared her hardships with fans.

The presenter looked back at the time she worked part time to pay for her tertiary education.