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The incident happened last Sunday in Tshepisong, Soweto, where Sphiwe lived. His sad aunt, Lindiwe, said Sphiwe’s attackers came to the house demanding to know where he had taken the wheelbarrow.

His dead granddad came to him in a dream telling him to stay at home and avoid trouble.

But the nyaope cravings got the better of him and now Sphiwe Ngcobo (37) is dead! He was murdered by people who accused him of stealing a wheelbarrow.

“They dragged him away, and from what we heard he allegedly revealed the truth and the wheelbarrow was found.

“But this did not stop them from assaulting him. The attackers said they would not harbour thugs in Tshepisong,” said Lindiwe.

His friend told Daily Sun that Sphiwe told him of his dream the day before he was killed.

“I wish Sphiwe had taken his granddad’s warning seriously and stayed out of trouble. Maybe he would still be alive today,” he said.

“We were friends and we used to share everything.”

Lindiwe said Sphiwe was a nyaope addict who was willing to seek treatment.

“We are distraught that he died so violently. We want the people who killed him to face the full might of the law. They could have taken him to a police station because they had all the proof,” said Lindiwe.

The family will slaughter a goat to prevent other family members from dying violent deaths.

“In our culture we call it imbuzi ukuse ukuphulukisa amanxeba (a goat should be killed to help heal the wounds). We do not want anyone else in the family to die in the same manner.”

Kagiso police spokesman Captain Solomon Sibiya said a murder case had been opened after a 37-year-old man was killed.

“We are still looking for the suspects,” said Sibiya.

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