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Ntando Duma slams ‘copycat’ claims over her new song which features Babes Wodumo

Ntando’s Instagram account was recently filled with comments from a follower who claimed that she copied the ‘jumping on the bed’ concept from him, however she has strongly slammed the suggestions.

Ntando told our source that she has not received any “formal” accusation of copying the concept of the song and that it would be ridiculous if she did.

Thando Duma

Just weeks after Ntando Duma’s gqom track, Jaiva Phez’kombhede with Babes Wodumo, was released it has been clouded by claims that she copied the concept of the song.

“I’m not even following these people, I don’t know them. But I put up the Instagram post for the girl, who is friends with the guy, to show her that it didn’t even make sense for me to ask the guy for permission. Apparently the guy told them I asked him for permission before I made my song. His friends were being dramatic in my comments.”

Ntando said she first shared a post of her jumping on a bed in January 2016, and that the person, who claimed she “stole” the idea shared a similar video five months later in August.

Ntando said that the concept of the song didn’t even start off as a song and only became one when Babes suggested that they make a feel good December track inspired by her “craziness”.

Duma Thando

“The fact remains, that is my song. And in fact, it actually wasn’t really a song. I was just fooling around, people that follow me on social media know that I post crazy things. Anything that comes to mind because I am all about fun and making people happy, so when I posted that video it wasn’t a song, until Babes came to me and said why don’t you make a song out of all this craziness you show on social media.”

Just in case people didn’t believe her, Ntando also posted “proof” on her Instagram.

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