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Nina Hastie, Khanyi Mbau, Thick Leeyonce poses in the 2018 #MCN@ked issue

Nina Hastie, Khanyi Mbau, Thickleeyonce poses in the 2018 #MCN@ked issue. The aim of the campaign has always been to take people’s interest in nudity and use it for a good cause but people still are not able to see past the n#dity and their anger about it.

The annual Marie Claire n@ked issue is always a talking point for the nation, and this year will be no different, but, the publication decided to take all that focus and channel it towards something we need more of; body positivity.

“Although we live in a country enshrined by a liberal and progressive constitution, we are still a deeply conservative and patriarchal society. We can debate that too but look at any of our major institutions: schools, universities, churches or parliament: we’re liberal, but only to a point. We are quick to police the naked body, and particularly women’s naked bodies,” explained Marie Claire about their 2017 issue which featured the likes of Nomzamo Mbatha, Thando Thabethe and Omuhle Gela.

The theme of this year’s campaign is #DearBody, and the ZAlebs featured in the photo spread have to lead the charge in body positivity by writing personalized letters to their body, apologizing for the wrong they have done to their bodies in the past and promising to do better moving forward.

Check out some of the notes published by the likes of Nina Hastie, Khanyi Mbau and Thickleeyonce.

Khanyi MbauKhanyi Mbau

#DearBody, My spirit hasn’t been the easiest to house. I’ve cut you, stitched you, changed you a few times. You’ve felt the pain. I’ve threatened and offended you, but you’ve constantly been there. Thank you for choosing to house my spirit. Love, Khanyi.

Nina HastieNina Nastie

#DearBody, I’ve started being kinder to you. I want you to know: I love you, you are part of me, and you don’t have to hurt to know you’re alive. YOU’RE ENOUGH! YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL! YOU EXIST! AND THAT IN ITSELF IS A MIRACLE. We’re in this life thing together, we might as well enjoy it! Keep smiling Queen.
Love, NinaXxx

If you had to write a letter to YOUR body, what would you say?
Join the conversation with myself and many other wonderful women who have been brave and vulnerable in this Naked Issue by writing your own #DearBody and tag @marieclairesa …

Tumi Morake

Tumi Morake

#Dearbody: Hey you sexy thang. Yes you, my curvaceous one-of-a-kind vessel. I may say disparaging things about you at times, but I really do love you and I promise to adorn you like the sacred temple you are to this fierce soul. I celebrate your beauty and your resilience. Tumi

This year I was a part of Marie Claire’s New Naked campaign, and I wrote this letter to my self. Share your own letter starting with #DearBody and tag @marieclairesa ❤️



“This year I was a part of Marie Claire’s New Naked campaign, and I wrote a letter to my body. As women, we are continuously critiquing ourselves… it’s difficult these days to be happy with what you have. This was definitely one of the scariest most empowering experiences of my life. This therapeutic process made me realize that there is so much to be grateful for when it comes to my body and that my journey with my body is a lifelong one which has taught me so much about being a woman and being proud and making positive and healthy changes if I want to. I am grateful for this campaign and what it has taught me about living BOLDLY and I hope that my bravery and that of the other women will make you take time to reflect on your relationship with your body.” – inspiring words from @mosalakaem, who is featured in the New Naked campaign, on shelves today. #DearBody and the New Naked are brought to you in partnership with @americanswissza.



So @marieclaire_sa’s New Naked campaign is here and my butt is in it! I had the pleasure of doing it with the magical @sherlinbarends – a colleague, friend and professional hype woman. I had a chance to write a love letter to my body
#DearBody, I didn’t appreciate the amazing things you did when we were younger. Until I realised that you are my life partner. Body, we’re stuck with each other. You surprise and delight me with your strength and resilience, even when I don’t feel like showing up. Love, Sibongile

I shared my love letter – are you ready to share yours? Use #DearBody and tag @marieclairesa

Buhle Ngaba

Buhle Ngaba

@marieclairesa #DearBodycampaign issue out on a shelf near you tomorrow. This was the feat of an all womxn team👐🏾 Thank you @tarryno Ph// @xx_niquita_xx

Shelley and Keneilwe

This letter was difficult to write because it made me realise that I don’t compliment you enough, and that this love-hate relationship will take time to outgrow. I will embrace you and appreciate you for as long as you are on this earth to carry me; you are made, just for me.  Love, Keneilwe #thenewnaked2018



This year I was a part of Marie Claire’s New Naked #DearBodycampaign, and I wrote this letter to my self. #DearBody others may not understand why I walk around like you’re covered in diamonds. They look at you and just see flaws; they do not understand the unconditional love I have for you.I am so happy that I am no longer at war with you; my acceptance of you has brought me peace. @marieclairesa

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