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Nigerian artist Emmanuel Eloka against women abuse in SA


Emmanuel Eloka pleads for men to stop the senseless abuse and killing of women.

With the many femicide killings and abductions incidents that have shocked the country since the beginning of April, many entertainers have become vocal about fighting the abuse against women in the country and Africa as a whole.emmanuel.original

And since we’ve just come from celebrating Africa month, artists from across the board have expressed their concern and plea for the protection of women and children as well. One of those artists is Nigerian musician, Emmanuel Eloka Iweka.

Emmanuel who currently resides in South Africa has also pleaded for the protection of women and children during this plight.

First of all, abuse on women and children is barbaric. As reasonable men, we are supposed to know that we are the protector of our women and children. So I find it very difficult to understand why men are being so abusive towards women, it’s not science we are the protectors of our women.

I know as a continent we’ve been pointing fingers about who are the real perpetrators of the abduction and abuse of women in South Africa, especially when it comes to the different nationalities living in the country. But as African men as a whole, we have a responsibility of owning up to the fact that we are at fault.

There are many Africans living in South Africa, so we can’t just point fingers and say that it is only South African men who are abusing women whilst we have Ghanaians, Nigerians, Tanzanians and many other African nationalities living in the country. 

Anyone of these nationalities has the capability of committing such crimes but the gospel truth is that these abuses and abductions are things that are so pathetic, it is something that shouldn’t be done in Africa.”

We need to see each other as one Africa instead of pointing fingers, uniting together as Africans will help us in combatting the abuse and abduction against women and children. But if we continue to blame each other nothing will be done, we’ll just keep blaming ourselves. So for me, I am judging every African man as a whole not by their nationality. 

This is honestly something that should not be happening in Africa, we are really letting this continent down. If you trace our background, Africa is not known for this, so we are really failing our women and children. We need to be better and do better.

Since living in South Africa, Emmanuel has been working with many South African artists, hopefully, his next collaboration will be focused on ways in helping the rest of the continent combat the abuse against women and children.

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