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MY S-EX-machine Madala is blind but he does wonders in bed

MAMA Elizabeth has dated other men, and those past experiences left her believing s-ex wasn’t that big a deal . . .

But then her eyes were opened by her s-ex-machine madala – who is blind!

Elizabeth Tsotetsi (44) from Finetown, south of Joburg, said her s-ex life was sad until she met madala Alfred Tsotetsi (69) in 2009.

“It’s been a wonderful eight years,” a smiling Elizabeth said, praising her husband.

“He also has a very good sense of humour. With him, I’m never bored.”

Blushing about their s-ex life, Elizabeth said her blind husband was a giant in bed.

“No one compares to him.”

Blind Alfred

She said they met in 2009 when she was a domestic worker and Alfred used to hang out at her friend’s place.

“We would talk for hours, laughing.”

Soon she was helping the blind madala. “I would walk with him to the shops or even the toilet. We got very close.”

Then Alfred asked her to be his permanent caretaker. “We fell in love,” she said.

Alfred said that although he is blind, he takes good care of himself.

“I eat healthily and take walks, but apart from that being active has been in me ever since I was young,” he joked.

Alfred and Elizabeth have a good life
together. The only thing troubling them is that they don’t have a place of their own.

“We hope someone could help us with a house.”

They don’t have kids yet, but they are working on having at least two.

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