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JazziQ snubs Mpura’s burial – Mzansi react

JazziQ is going through alot, imagine not being able to attend your close friend’s funeral because you’re out of the country and people calling him a “fake friend.

People are being unfair he did so much for Mpura while he was still alive. Bro just imagine and he did mention why he can’t attend even if he tried to

Even if he comes back he needs to be in quarantine haibo.Apparently, even if JazziQ came back depending on the country he is, he would still not be able to go to the #MpuraFuneral because you have to stay in quarantine for 10 days”.

He literally said that he won’t be in the country during the time of the funeral. Why tf are y’all like this?

He should just mize, probably the same people who are judging him are guilty of being fake friends. Have you ever lost someone closed to you and couldn’t attend their funeral cause life problems that are beyond your control


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