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Motorist ass@ulting traffic officer: Video gone viral

The clash occurred on the N12 in Potchefstroom on Sunday.The driver was allegedly spotted overtaking on a barrier line. He then refused to disclose his residential address when the officer wanted to issue him with a traffic fine.

A motorist who allegedly assaulted a traffic officer after being stopped for breaking a road rule has been arrested‚ the Traffic Road Management Corporation (RTMC) and police confirmed on Tuesday.


He is now facing a criminal charge and being kept in custody until his next court appearance.

The officer kept the motorist’s driver’s license and this led to a squabble between the two.

The incident was recorded on cellphone by another officer at the scene and the video has gone viral on different social media platforms.“We are pleased that the suspect has been arrested. Now we hope the law will deal with him precisely. The court must send a strong warning to motorists that no one can disrespect a law enforcement officer like that and get away with it‚” said RTMC spokesman Simon Zwane.

The accused was arrested along with a female passanger who was with him on the day of the incident.They appeared at the Potchefstroom Magistrate’s Court on Monday.

North West police spokeswoman Lieutenant Colonel Pelonomi Makau said the suspects will reappear in court on Thursday.

“The suspects were charged with common assault.

“They are both in custody as they failed to give the court their residential address‚” said Makau.

Video Below:

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