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Minnie Dlamini offered a baby reality TV show

Minnie Dlamini

Minnie Dlamini offered a baby reality TV show

The star had fans guessing she was pregnant late last year when she posted a cryptic message about an upcoming announcement, only to tell our source that nothing could be further from the truth.

Minnie Dlamini has spent the last few months constantly shooting down rumours she was expecting and has now revealed that she has even been offered the chance to host a reality show based on her pregnancy…when it happens.

Speaking to Gareth Cliff on CliffCentral recently, Minnie admitted that the questions about her expecting started the moment the dust had settled on her marriage.

Quinton Jones

“I got that the day after my wedding. My mother was in tears the other day saying she’s not going to be alive to see her grandchildren. I was like: ‘excuse me, give me a second to breathe’.

That’s not even the best part, I’m being offered baby shows, like a baby reality show, to document my pregnancy and being a mom.”She later joked that she might consider it if she was offered R6-million.She admitted that she got “broody sometimes” but knows how much it would change her life.

Minnie Dlamini

“Now I’m at a point in my life where it can happen. I have a nephew and he is amazing. I hope they turn out like him. But I’m very aware of how difficult it is to raise a kid, and I know how hectic my life and lifestyle can get. Right now so I’m not sure if it’s on the cards.”

She told our source in an interview shortly after her wedding that she didn’t feel pressure to fall pregnant and was planning to keep everyone guessing over whether she was expecting.

“You know how it goes: first comes love, then comes marriage THEN comes a baby in a golden carriage.”

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