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Mi Casa talks about brand new album

South African group Mi Casa is back with a brand new album.The trio shared the news with fans on Thursday along with the shocking revelation that they nearly called it quits four months back.

The new album, titled Familia, will be released on 4 August with the first single Nana dropping on Friday 30 June.


In a press statement the guys spoke about what fans can expect from their upcoming release.”Musically on this record, we have been inspired a lot by our heritage, our culture, our countries, namely South Africa and Portugal. Before every recording session we spent an hour listening to different songs from way back, just to be inspired, to be influenced.”

It wasn’t all smooth-sailing for the Mi Casa though. According to the guys they contemplated breaking up about four months back due to “arguments and really just some issues within the team.”

Speaking about their tough times as a group, J’Something says: “If I were to be 100% honest with everyone, I was always worried because we never argued as a band. It was always just good vibes and if there were any issues we would sweep them under the carpet just to keep that good energy up.”

J clearly had nothing to worry about because now it seems the team is stronger than ever. “If we could get through what we got through recently, we will never break up. This album is happy, you can hear the happiness. It’s a true reflection of where we at as a familia,” says Duda.


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