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Married Woman gets N@ughty as She Does Her Exercises for Better Sex

It’s a virtuous circle – sex is great for your health, and health is great for your sex. At this post-holidays time of resolutions and optimistic gym memberships, we’re all thinking about getting back in shape.

Everyone enjoys the self-confidence that comes from looking and feeling fit, but what better incentive to keep up the training than a more satisfying sex life? Following on from our previous article about exercises you can do for better sex, here are some more tips to keep you in top form.


Lower-back pain can seriously cramp your style between the sheets, so stay limber to preserve a strong and supple spine. You’ll be working up the Kama Sutra’s more ambitious positions in no time.

Try the ‘happy baby pose’ to stretch out the spine while loosening the muscles in the legs and hips that put it under pressure. Lie on your back, bend your knees toward your chest, and hold the outside of your feet. With your ankles above your knees, pull down gently, slightly curling your tailbone up off the floor, and hold for a few minutes.

You can also try the scorpion stretch for your lower back, glutes and hip flexors (which are key for thrusting). In this stretch, you lie on  your stomach with your arms outstretched. Keeping your chest facing the floor, try and get your right foot up toward your left hand (it’s ok if you can’t make it that far!) and repeat on the other side.


better sex


More than 20 muscles make up your core, which, depending on the position will stabilize your back or allow for more vigorous gyrations (i.e. grinding).  Keep your core in tip top shape with some pelvic tilts by lying on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Raise your hips slowly while tensing your abs, butt, inner thighs and Kegel muscles. Repeat 20 times.

Upper body

For this great exercise that helps develop a strong and svelte upper body, while also working the grinding muscles of the core, you’ll need an exercise ball. In a push-up position, place your shins on top of the ball while keeping your back, hips and arms straight. Roll the ball up and back by bringing your knees towards the chest and then pushing your feet back out. This is quite a tough exercise, but it can reap great benefits – see if you can do three sets of 10!

Lower body

For sexier, firmer legs, a better bum, and all the endurance of the Duracell bunny, try squats. They’re simple – with your heels firmly on the floor, bend as if sitting into an invisible chair and then straighten again. The lower you go, the more you’ll work your glutes – start with 15 slow repetitions and build it up to 30.


If you’re worried that after all that hard work you’ll be too exhausted to enjoy some sexy time, never fear – studies show that just 10 minutes of massage can make a huge difference to the inflammation and soreness that strenuous exercise can cause.

No need to visit the spa – our very own wand-style massagers can mimic the skills of a professional masseur. Even better still, cut directly to the chase – make lighting up a massage candle and  enjoying a  romantic oil massage part of your post-work out routine and part of your pre-sex routine; it’s just as good for your body, and will really get you into the mood!

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