Man’s 4-5 gets stuck in a bottle

A man who decided to pee in a bottle lived to regret it when the tip of his 4-5 got jammed.

According to The Star, last Sunday evening in Taiping, northern Malaysia, an unnamed man (29) with a slight disability was struggling to get out of bed to go to the loo.


But something went badly wrong after the man peed because he couldn’t get his 4-5 out again!The man suffered terribly as the couple struggled for 14 hours to get it out themselves.

Thinking she’d found a good solution, his wife fetched an empty 500ml water bottle for him to use in bed.

Eventually they gave up and called the fire department for help.

Taiping fire station chief Hasna Rashid said they managed to free his penis using special tools.

He was then taken to Taiping Hospital.

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